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Hello, I am Jennifer Lewis, an experienced divorce attorney in Denver. If you are contemplating divorce, I know what a traumatic time this can be for you and your family. My mission is to guide you through this difficult process as painlessly as possible and to ensure that you are treated fairly and with dignity every step of the way.

In addition to dealing with your stress, you will need to submit legal papers, perhaps appear in court, and take other steps that an attorney can assist you with. The divorce process will last at least three months as Colorado law requires that a divorce cannot be finalized until 91 days after the initial papers are filed. A contested divorce can take many months, and your family may find itself under intense scrutiny as contested areas are investigated.

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Our Denver, CO family law attorney focuses on divorce and family law matters. Learn how Lewis & Matthews can help with your case.

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Denver Divorce Attorney


Denver Divorce Attorney


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How It Begins

The Colorado divorce process is initiated when one spouse files a petition for marriage dissolution or spouses file together as co-petitioners. On the day the papers are officially presented to the other spouse, he or she has 21 days to respond to the court. If out of state, the person has 35 days to respond.

The court sets deadlines for the proceedings so the case is not unnecessarily delayed. An initial status conference will be held with court personnel approximately six weeks after the petition is filed. At this conference, a date may be set for a hearing and decision on orders that will be in effect until the divorce is finalized. This hearing is usually within 30 days. Issues to be mandated by the court may include child and spousal support, possession and use of property, bill payments, and temporary custody and visitation of children. As an experienced divorce attorney, I am also well versed in child custody, child support, and family law.

It is less stressful if both spouses can agree on the terms of the temporary orders, which I will explain fully. If any issue is contested, the court may require  mediation. Unresolved issues will be determined at a hearing.

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Discovery Procedures

After filing, the discovery process begins. Both spouses must exchange financial disclosures along with their sworn financial statement which discloses all income, assets, and debts. In a contested divorce, more documents may be demanded so the court can make fair decisions about the financial present and future of each spouse. I will work diligently to see that all of your spouse’s financial information is brought before the court. Some divorcing people have so much on their minds, they forget to request retirement plans and additional items of monetary value that do not appear in the family budget.

Reaching A Settlement

The Colorado court requires divorcing parents to take a parenting class to learn how to co-parent after divorce. Mediation is required to attempt to agree to custody issues unless domestic violence is involved or you are able to reach an agreement without mediation. These sessions are held with a trained, neutral mediator who will try to help you and your spouse agree on issues. I will be with you at mediation to support you and guide you through the process.  If you find grounds for agreement, I will file a Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan for the court to review and approve. If an agreement is not reached, the court will hold a permanent orders hearing. Your district may require a pretrial meeting with both spouses and their attorneys before the hearing. If the issues still cannot be resolved, the judge will decide the terms of the divorce. 

If children are involved, it is in your and their best interests to have a Denver child custody lawyer pleading your case. I am prepared to guide you through this confusing and often painful process and to diligently fight for your interests. I will inform you of all your rights and what you can expect. Your case and your questions are my priority and the priority of every member of our firm. 

Avoids Conflicts, But Will Fight When Necessary

Your settlement will have a huge impact on your post-divorce life. Make sure you have an experienced divorce attorney in Denver on your team.

My phone number is (303) 329-3802 I am ready to listen and to give you all the legal support you need to achieve outcomes you deserve.

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