Family Law in Colorado


When you need the help of legal professionals in dealing with divorce, child support, and other family law concerns in Denver, the lawyers at Lewis & Matthews P.C. are always ready to extend our help.

What Is Family Law?

This legal practice area deals with issues that involve relationships within the family. This includes marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and many others. Family law attorneys can draft legal documents and represent their clients in negotiations or in family court proceedings.

In terms of marriage, Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state. This means that during a divorce, marital property is divided in a court-deemed equitable manner.

Colorado is also a “no-fault’ divorce state”. Individuals wanting to file for a divorce do not need to prove any grounds for their decision apart from alleging that their relationships have become “irretrievably broken”. There is no need to prove infidelity, desertion, abuse, or other reasons.

In order to make sure that all these state-specific details are considered, working with a Denver family lawyer is the best course of action.

Cases We Handle

As seasoned family lawyers in Denver, we have a wealth of experience in handling negotiations, drafting foolproof documents, and representing our clients in the courtroom when it comes to these matters. You can rely on us to achieve the most amicable, decisive, and quick resolutions when handling family law cases.

Divorce – Jennifer Lewis understands firsthand how stressful divorce can be for all parties involved. Having the guidance of a legal professional will ensure a smoother process all throughout during this difficult time.
Child Custody – Divorce can be more difficult and emotional when children are involved. We are here to make sure you understand parental rights in Colorado and that the transition goes smoothly, never forgetting your child’s best interests.
Child Support – Since most custody cases in Colorado involve child support, it is important to have an experienced family lawyer to help you make sure that your child gets the support they need from both parents.
Parenting Plan – This document outlines the agreement between parents about their child. It includes parenting time, child support, health insurance coverage, decision-making, and other matters. The expertise of a family lawyer in Denver is key in drafting a conducive parenting plan.

Choose Lewis & Matthews P.C.

We understand how stressful and emotional family law matters can become. This is why we always aim for a swift and decisive resolution with our unique case management system.

● Faster Case Resolutions – Our own QuickTrack case management system keeps cases organized through streamlined tools and processes.
● Winning Strategies – By taking a 360-degree view of your case, we build the best strategies while also minimizing your emotional stress.
● Local Knowledge and Network – We have spent years understanding the Colorado family court system and how best to approach every case.
● Extensive Trial Experience – While we always try to reach amicable resolutions first, we will defend your rights in the courtroom if necessary.

Counties We Serve

For all your family law concerns in Colorado, our lawyers at Lewis & Matthews P.C. are always ready to help. We are also experienced at handling estate planning concerns.

Here are the counties we serve:

Greater Denver Metropolitan Area
Summit County
Eagle County