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Welcome to Lewis & Matthews, the law firm of choice for your family legal matters. In Summit County, attorney Jennifer Lewis works aggressively on behalf of families to resolve family law disputes. She represents clients in many areas of family law, including but not limited to divorce, actions for contempt of court, child custody, child support and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

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Beyond family law matters, Ms. Lewis is also an experienced estate planner and is ready to help prepare your trust, will, power of attorney or other estate planning documents.

Ms. Lewis is a property owner in Summit County, she understands the unique challenges and circumstances of mountain community living. Trust your family law or estate planning matter to the experienced and dedicated team at Lewis & Matthews.


Ms. Lewis has both extensive legal and personal experience in family law, having endured a tough divorce herself she knows, a divorce can be a frustrating, tiring and emotionally draining experience. We’re here not only to help you end your marriage, but also to assist and support you in planning for the next phase of your life. As you will discover, Ms. Lewis handles custody cases with high conflict, and children are her first priority. At Lewis & Matthews, we will always keep the best interests of your children as our primary focus, just as the court will, and we’ll work with you to arrive at a resolution that will speak to that focus.


The Lewis & Matthews team works to create a custom legal strategy that address your unique situation. Ms. Lewis previously worked in Kansas City as a solo practitioner, and in that role, she handled a wide variety of cases, from criminal law to business matters. This experience has given her a unique perspective on her cases and allows her to offer you realistic and practical solutions. Your case may include services from other professionals, so we at Lewis & Matthews work only with respected experts in fields such as appraisal, family and child investigation, and accounting to ensure you’re receiving the best possible advice and results for your situation.

Our team at Lewis & Matthews meets regularly to discuss all active cases, so we completely understand your situation and can help you to our fullest ability. We prioritize our communication with you, and you can rest assured that you receive all the documents and information related to your case in a timely manner and get the answers to all your questions.


Our experienced staff knows that court battles are expensive, and you are more likely to honor an agreement you worked out with your former spouse than an order that the court has forced on you. This is also important when there are children involved, as a mediated resolution can help you co-parent and communicate with your ex-spouse better. Summit County normally requires that you and your ex-spouse attend a mediation session before the final hearing, and we will use that time to help you create an agreement you are comfortable with. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution of your case through mediation, then the team at Lewis & Matthews is ready and able to vigorously defend those interests in court. Look around our website to see all we have to offer and set up your consultation today!

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