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Part of that depends on whether or not the child custody case is in the context of a dissolution of marriage proceeding. If that’s the case, the dissolution of marriage case needs to be pending for 91 days before the court is going to issue a decree of dissolution of marriage. If that’s the context your in, your looking basically at least a 3 month waiting period. Otherwise if your involved in an allocation of parental responsibilities case, you can get those resolved quicker. I mean there’s not a statutory waiting period for that.

How long your child custody case depends on whether or not your going to be able to work out amicably between you and the other party, or whether your going to need court involvement. If your going to need to go to court, and have the judge decide your fate, that’s going to extend how long it’s going to take to resolve your case. Perhaps you need to have an expert witness appointed. A child and family investigator, or have a parental responsibility evaluation completed. That is going to add time to your case. Again, the level of conflict that you have with your ex determines how long your child custody case is going to take.