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Women should not have to feel disadvantaged in divorce proceedings. They are just as likely to be the breadwinners or caretakers as their partners. However, many still feel they do not have much say in things such as the distribution of assets and properties or asking for a more sensible child support payment amount.

If you are a woman facing family law concerns and maybe even court proceedings, you need the right guidance of our divorce lawyers for women in Denver. We can help you reach the swiftest and most decisive resolutions to your concerns, while adamantly protecting your rights.

Services We Offer

Jennifer Lewis has also undergone a stressful divorce. We understand how difficult and emotional a time this can be. This gives our firm the impetus to ensure that our clients do not experience one moment of stress or confusion more than they have to.

Our Denver women’s divorce lawyers offer the following services:

Child Custody

If you are facing child custody battles, we can help you understand your parental rights in Colorado and if you are confident that you can put the best interest of your children first, we can help you establish that, while also making sure that the transition goes smoothly.

Child Support

Disputes in child support payments are often involved in child custody concerns. We will help ensure that your children get the right amount of child support they need. We can also help you make modifications to child support payment amounts if certain life changes call for it.

Divorce Mediation

Compared to the traditional litigated divorce that involves the court, mediation makes the resolution more collaborative and private. Under the facilitation of a neutral third-party, you and your spouse can work out the details of your parenting plans and asset distribution without ever setting foot in court.

Choose Lewis & Matthews P.C.

Since we have a deep understanding of both family law and estate planning, we can offer a unique and advantageous perspective when it comes to family law concerns and asset distribution. We will serve as your representative in these proceedings while providing the counsel you need, whether you need to protect your men’s rights or your women’s rights.

We aim to make your divorce a less stressful time for you and your children. We always aim for amicable resolutions first, but if need be, our years of courtroom experience keep us prepared to defend your rights in court as well.

Our lengthy experience working within the Colorado legal system allows us to come up with the best approach in each case. It also lets us streamline processes, saving you time, money, and undue stress.

Consult with our Denver divorce lawyers for women today.

Counties We Serve

For all your family law and estate planning concerns, consult with us for the swiftest and most decisive resolutions. We serve the following counties in Colorado.

Greater Denver Metropolitan Area

Summit County

Eagle County