Reliable Men’s Divorce Lawyers in Denver

Oftentimes, men find themselves confused identifying their rights and obligations in a divorce case. Others may feel overwhelmed by family court and assume that they should just go with whatever their partner demands. However, this is simply not true.

Men and women have equal rights, including the right to visit and even keep custody of their children, the right to a fair and equitable distribution of assets and properties, a right to the fair distribution of debts, and other similar concerns.

If you are a man, facing divorce or other family legal concerns, our divorce attorneys for men in Denver can mean the difference between protecting your rights and going through a bad divorce.

Services We Offer

We understand how stressful divorce and other family law concerns can get, especially if children are involved. Through the following services, we always aim for a swift, amicable, but decisive resolution:

Child Custody

Fathers are just as likely to be the primary caretakers of their children as mothers. If you feel that you are better equipped than your spouse to prioritize the best interest of your children, we can help you defend your right to custody.

Child Support

Whether there are disputes in the initial child support agreement or certain life changes have taken place to merit another look at child support payments, we will champion your case and aim for a fair and sensible amount.

Divorce Mediation

Ending a marriage is difficult enough without court involvement. Divorce mediation gives you and your spouse the option to collaborate to resolve the details of your divorce under the guidance of a neutral third-party. This can include asset distribution and parenting plans.

Choose Lewis & Matthews P.C.

Our knowledge and experience in both family law and estate planning gives us a unique advantage in helping you bring swift and fair resolutions to your family law concerns. We will help you understand your rights, obligations, and where you stand in family court.

We can also shed light regarding the equitable distribution of your assets and properties especially if there is already an estate plan in place.

The years we have spent in Colorado courtrooms also afford us critical insights into how to approach each case. This also gives us the ability to streamline processes that would otherwise take more time to complete.

We also offer prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that can help you avoid lengthy legal disputes down the road.

Consult with our men’s divorce lawyers in Denver today.

Counties We Serve

We offer our family law and estate planning services in the following counties in Colorado:

Greater Denver Metroplitan Area

Summit County

Eagle County