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What Are My Rights As An Unmarried Father?

First we need to look and see whether or not you’re listed on the birth certificate, that’s one factor to consider. If you are not married you can file an allocation for parental responsibilities to establish parenting time and decision making with your child. You can also get a court order that requires your name to be added to the child’s birth certificate. This action is filed in the county where you reside and as part of that action we will come up with a parenting plan and a child support order that works for your unique situation.

Just because you are not married doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights and just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean you don’t have rights either. Fathers have equal rights in Colorado regarding parenting time so long as it is in the child’s best interests so if you’re concerned about your unique situation please give me a call, come in and see me and we’ll see what we can do to establish your rights as a dad.

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