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Practice Area Summaries

From complex divorces to simple child support modifications, Lewis & Matthews employs attorneys experienced in every aspect of Colorado Family Law. Our lawyers have spent years, focusing their training on all aspects of relationships and situations that affect the family, and can expertly handle all types of cases. Our scope is both wide and focused, as we provide services under every aspect of family law, without compromising the level of attention that every case deserves. We’ve listed the practice areas that our family lawyers can assist you with for an easy reference of our skills and experience. Take your time browsing through each one, and get as much information about each area as possible.

Colorado Divorce Law

Get the sound and level advice you need to move through the potential hazards of such cases with a favorable outcome. Learn about our Colorado divorce law services.

Colorado Child Support

Get help with negotiating a child support scheme that’s fair for your financial situation. Review our Colorado child support resources.

Colorado Child Custody

We can help build and present a strong case to support your claim that it is in the child’s best interest to stay under your custody. View information about our Colrado child custody services.

Appeals & Modifications

Our lawyers will craft compelling appeals for modifications to the original ruling when the situation merits the necessary adjustment. Read about Appeals and Modifications in Colorado. We make it a point to go the extra mile, by providing our clients with as much information as they need to make the decision that best suits their circumstances from the solutions we provide. This is why we encourage everyone to contact us if they have any pending questions or inquiries regarding any of the above areas. We also remind everyone to explore the rest of our website to get more information about the family lawyers that specialize in each of these practice areas.