Our Firm is best suited to handle issues
related to one thing – YOUR FAMILY.

Denver Divorce Law – About Our Firm

Our Partner’s Philosophy, Commitment and Background

Lewis & Matthews is a family law firm in Denver, Colorado. We practice in Denver and all surrounding metropolitan areas.

Jennifer Lewis has had  an extensive legal career prior to creating this firm and has chosen to practice exclusively in the Family Law area. Jennifer has been through a difficult divorce in her own personal background. This personal experiences has formed the basis of her commitment to help people through this difficult time in their lives.

“i feel it makes a difference to have an attorney who has been through the divorce process in their own lives,” says Jennifer Lewis. “We are committed to a 360-degree approach to taking care of our clients and their interests. We both know from personal experience that the decisions you make during the divorce or post decree process have a major impact on you and your family for many years to come.”

It is important to have a strategy that is right for your case and your total circumstances. At Lewis & Matthews, we begin with our goal setting process. Often people react to the situation in front of them and do not think through all of the long-term consequences of their choices. At the outset of a case, we work with you to think through all of the long and short-term goals you have for you and your family. The case strategy we design with your partnership will come directly from those goals together with all of the other circumstances of your case.

Lewis & Matthews is committed to resolving cases with dignity and the minimal conflict required to serve your best interests. However, if conflict does arise, it is important to note that all of our attorneys have extensive negotiation and trial experience. Our partners, along with the rest of our staff, will do what it takes to protect you and your family.

Client service is at the forefront of how we practice law. Our Case Management system assures that all of our cases move through the system as quickly as possible or as most appropriate to the case strategy. Our communication structure is designed to make sure you can talk to someone who knows about your case whenever you call and our Divorce Organizer helps you to stay in control.

Our partners look forward to working with you and supporting you through the process.