Our Firm is best suited to handle issues
related to one thing – YOUR FAMILY.

Our Unique Case Management System

Not all Colorado family law attorneys are equal. Lewis & Matthews offers several unique advantages—from a highly efficient case management system to a remarkable communication process—over other Colorado family law firms.

Consultation – Get Your Legal Questions Answered

For starters, you can ask our attorneys a legal question, or schedule a consultation. Most other firms charge for their consultations.

Your Case Moves Faster

Lewis & Matthews has developed QuickTrack case management system, a series of tools and processes that keep your case organized and moving through the court system as fast as possible. Other firms do not offer this level of service and efficiency.

  • You receive a custom case tracking tool that keeps your documents organized.
  • Our entire firm meets to discuss every case every week.
  • Named partner Jennifer Lewis personally tracks every case.
  • Virtual meetings allow us to work with your busy schedule

Winning Strategies – Colorado Family Law 360

Colorado divorce and child custody cases involve legal issues AND significant financial and emotional challenges that can affect entire families for 20 or 30 years. Focusing solely on the short term, core legal issues, like most firms do, is simply insufficient.

By taking a 360 degree view of your case, our strategies dramatically improve your chances of success and minimize the emotional stress on you and your children. Apart from our revolutionary case management system, our holistic approach ensures that you receive favorable results.

  • Leslie Matthews invented the Dual Mutual Release that allows our attorneys to work with your therapists in ways that can dramatically improve your chances of success and minimize the emotional stress on you and your children.
  • As far as we know, Matthews and Matthews is the only firm in Colorado that uses the Dual Mutual Release.
  • We have teamed up with a unique financial expert that can help you tackle the collection of financial documents and related financial issues. Find out more about this exclusive service.

We Know the Local Judges and Their Tendencies

Our lead partner, who provides input on every case we handle, has been a Colorado trial attorney for over 25 years. He has been in front of Colorado family law judges exclusively for at least 10 years. This experience has resulted in a wealth of knowledge about the judges’ tendencies. Our insight into likely outcomes allows attorneys to develop strategies that have the best chance of success without wasting time on losing propositions.

Trial Experience | Protect Your Rights with a Shield and a Sword

There are many younger family law attorneys with limited experience in the court room. While our seasoned attorneys pursue amicable resolutions first, we are beyond prepared to go toe to toe if the other side tries to push you around. Prior to focusing exclusively on family law, our top attorneys have spent countless hours in the courtroom and have been battle tested.

 Superior Communication & First Class Service

Our communication process, which is discussed during your first meeting, was developed through years of trial and error. The result is a protocol that gives you ultimate control over your case and the ability to reach your attorney when you need him.