Our Firm is best suited to handle issues
related to one thing – YOUR FAMILY.

Why Use Lewis & Matthews for Your Divorce?

Deciding whom to represent you throughout your divorce can be a difficult choice. The partners that founded Lewis & Matthews have experienced what you are going through and it is that personal experience that sets them apart from the rest. It is because of their experiences that they set out to provide divorce services that go above and beyond the typical Colorado divorce lawyer.

Our Colorado Divorce 360 Achieves Superior Outcomes

The impacts of a divorce in Colorado can potentially last a lifetime and when children are involved can be even more distressing for you and your whole family. To create a truly effective solution, the situation must be met by a 360-degree approach that takes into account the legal implications, emotional concerns and financial consequences.

Naturally, most lawyers tend to focus solely on the law and let you figure the rest out on your own. This is certainly the case with the majority of Colorado divorce lawyers. This shortsighted approach does not heal wounds caused by divorce; it only bandages them.

Using the Dual Mutual Release, a document that was created by our very own Leslie Matthews, we are able to work closely with your marriage therapist in a way that, to our knowledge, no other divorce attorney in Colorado can. This will allow us to help you manage the stress and enhance your composure during depositions or trial.

Additionally, we enlist the assistance of a skilled financial professional who can formulate a plan to make sure that your family is economically stable and protected from financial turmoil during or after the divorce process.

Using Custom Strategies Based on Our Familiarity with Colorado Judges

Every person is different. And because of that, we will work closely with you to couple your wants and needs with our extensive knowledge of Colorado judges and their tendencies to create an individualized plan that will not only be legally effective, accomplish your objectives and produce the least emotional grief for you and your loved ones.

Move Expeditiously, Trim Legal Fees

1. Our QuickTrack Case Management System

One of the unique characteristics of our firm is the solid communication between our team of attorneys and staff. To ensure that your case moves through the court system as quickly as possible, our staff gathers and discusses your case at least once per week, a practice that is highly uncommon with other law firms.

2. Efficiency With Your Colorado Divorce Organizer

We have created a handy binder that will help you keep track of all of your documentation, important dates and allows you to communicate with our attorneys and staff effectively and in a manner that will keep your costs down.

3. Technology to Save You Time and Money

We understand that your life can’t stop because you are getting divorced. We integrated virtual meetings and converted important documents into electronic versions so you can stay productive and don’t have to turn your schedule upside down to chat with us.

4. Communication Is Our Priority

We have designed an efficient system to facilitate communication between you and our attorneys and staff members. You deserve the highest level of attention and the best client service possible. You can experience all of this first hand by scheduling a consultation with one of our attorneys today.