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Welcome to Lewis & Matthews, the law firm of choice when it comes to family-related legal matters. In Eagle County, attorney Jennifer Lewis works aggressively on behalf of families to resolve family law disputes.  She represents clients in many areas of family law, including but not limited to divorce, actions for contempt of court, child custody, child support and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

In addition, Ms. Lewis has extensive experience in estate planning including the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and related documents. She can advise you regarding estate planning so that your last wishes are carried out in the event of an illness or death.

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Jennifer Lewis made the decision to relocate to Colorado after going through a difficult divorce, and has personal knowledge of how agonizing the process can be. A divorce can be emotionally exhausting, painful and expensive. At Lewis & Matthews, our concern is not only to assist you in ending your unhappy marriage, but also to help you prepare for your future, and the next chapter in your life.

The team at Lewis & Matthews strives to formulate a legal strategy tailored to your unique situation.  Jennifer’s background includes many years spent working for a solo practitioner in the Kansas City metropolitan area, where she represented clients in criminal law, personal injury, probate, estate planning, business, and family law matters. Jennifer’s diverse legal background enables her to offer clients practical, real world, solutions for their case. The team at Lewis & Matthews works with well-respected experts, such as child and family investigators, parental responsibility evaluators, therapists, appraisers, and certified financial planners to achieve the best result for you.

The Lewis & Matthews team have regular case management meetings to discuss each active case in detail so that every member of our practice understands your case, and can assist you better. We endeavor to copy you on emails to the Court, and to the other party, and to promptly return your telephone calls and email messages so that you can stay informed about developments in your case.


Based upon our experience at Lewis & Matthews, we know that parties are more likely to follow an agreement that they worked out with their former spouse, rather than a Court Order which has been forced upon them. This is especially important when children are involved, as a high conflict case can have a negative impact on the parties’ ability to communicate and co-parent together.  Furthermore, preparing for and attending a contested hearing can be expensive.  Eagle County usually requires both parties to attend mediation prior to a final hearing. We strive to establish a common resolution with the other party to avoid unnecessary and ugly battles. However, if your best interests are compromised, you can rely on our experienced team to vigorously defend your interests in Court. You can trust your family law and estate planning matters to Lewis & Matthews, P.C.  Take a tour of our site for more of our services and set up your consultation today.

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