Marital Agreement Resources


12 Jun: What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup or premarital agreement is a contract between you and your perspective spouse. Why would you want to do this? You would want to do this if you had been married before and you had assets and children from a prior relationship and you wanted to protect those assets and you also wanted to provide for your children. Another reason why you would want to do a premarital agreement or same thing as a…


01 Aug: How Can a Marital Agreement Benefit You?

A marital agreement is a contract between 2 parties. It’s typically what we call a pre-marital agreement which is a contract between 2 parties who are contemplating marriage. Colorado has enacted a Colorado marital agreement act so there are specific provisions. In this act that govern marital agreements. Parties who are already married may decide that they want to go ahead and enter into a marital agreement in order to define their rights and responsibilities…


25 Jul: What Factors Determine Maintenance and Alimony?

Maintenance and alimony is determined in Colorado based upon several different factors. The first factor is looking at the gross income of the parties. In other words, there is a formula that is utilized. There is a formula that is available online, and I have the family law software. If you come in and see me, I can run a maintenance alimony where the terms are interchangeable, but basically, it’s a maintenance worksheet on the…