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How to Establish Grandparents Rights

Grandparent Visitation Rights in Colorado Individuals may wonder if grandparents have the right to ask the court for visitation rights with their grandchildren. In Colorado, grandparents do have the right to ask for visitation rights under certain conditions. A grandparent can seek a court order, in the county where the child resides, granting the Grandparent […]

How to do a Step Parent Adoption

Individuals may wonder when a stepparent may legally adopt the biological child of their marital partner. Colorado recognizes the special circumstances of stepparents with laws that specifically relate to stepparent adoptions. These laws require that the natural parent be legally married to the stepparent. Co-habitation alone is insufficient to trigger laws that are specific to […]

How Is the Relocation of a Parent Handled?

Parents who need to relocate for work or personal reasons often want to know if the court will change parenting time. If the parent who does not have the majority of the parenting time needs to relocate, he or she can ask the court to modify the parenting schedule to fit his or her new […]

How is Child Custody Determined in Colorado?

How do Courts in Colorado Determine Child Custody? Colorado law does not use the word “custody” in its legal terminology; instead, it refers to parental “responsibility”, which includes decision-making and parenting time (formerly called “visitation”). In other words, the law distinguishes the right to make important decisions for the child from the right to actual […]

How do you Enforce your Current Parenting Plan?

The Court has broad powers to enforce court orders regarding child custody. If the other party in your child custody matter is not complying with the Court’s Order regarding parenting time you may file a Verified Motion Asserting Non-Compliance. The Court will respond to the Motion and any response from the other side within 30 days. […]

How Is Child Support Determined In Colorado

How does the judge decide who will pay child support (and how much)? The judge will calculate the child support amount with a pre-determined formula (Colorado Child Support Guidelines). Unless someone presents evidence of special circumstances, that amount will stand. Both mother and father are equally responsible for the support of the minor children, and […]

How do you modify your current child support

Colorado Child Support Modification Individuals paying or receiving child support often have questions concerning their ability to modify the child support payments that were originally ordered by the Court. Process for modifying child support in Colorado Child support payments are always modifiable if certain conditions are met to the satisfaction of the Court. You MUST […]

How do you enforce your current child support

Enforcement of Child Support in Colorado Individuals that have been awarded child support often have concerns over whether the other party will consistently make child support payments and what they can do if those payments stop. Child support is an order of the Court. When a Court order is not followed, the Court has broad […]

What to ask a Divorce Lawyer

There are several things a client can ask a divorce lawyer, but people always seem to be at a loss for words when they finally get an opportunity to talk an attorney about their legal issues. It may be because they don’t know how to phrase their questions properly, or they’re not sure whether they’re asking […]

What is divorce coaching and pre planning?

Divorce Assessment, Pre-Planning, and Coaching Sometimes people are not ready to move forward with a divorce but they have reached a place where they need help with clarifying their issues and understanding what would happen if they did choose to move forward with a divorce. Our Divorce Assessment, Pre-Planning, and Coaching practice is designed to […]