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The Perils of Jointly Inheriting an Asset

When a loved one dies, their assets and wealth will be distributed in accordance with their wishes, which will be detailed in their last will and testament. In some instances, though, contention can arise when an asset is left to two or more parties, and they must establish some fair way of sharing it, or […]

Who gets the dog?

Every divorce has its challenges, but one area that can quickly become contentious is assigning ownership of pets, particularly pets that have been acquired during the marriage. In the state of Colorado, as in many other jurisdictions, pets are considered to be property and are therefore not subject to custody discussions in the same way […]

How to Keep a Clear Head During Divorce Proceedings

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging experiences that most people will ever face in their lifetime. It is an emotionally draining process, and when agreements cannot be easily reached about the separation of assets and finances or child support arrangements, the situation can quickly become contentious. It is essential to recognize […]

A Guide To Child Support Arrangements

When finances and assets are divided following a divorce, so is the time that children spend with their parents. In Denver, Colorado, the legal framework for child support arrangements [1] prioritizes the needs of the children and addresses the financial responsibilities that will be taken on by each parent. Here is a look at the […]

Estate Planning To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance After You Remarry

Estate planning is the process through which an individual ensures that their wealth and assets are distributed according to their wishes after their death. Under Colorado law, spouses automatically inherit from each other, even if they are not specified in each other’s wills. This means that when remarrying, it is essential that certain steps are […]

Modifying A Parenting Plan For Summer Break

The long summer break is here. This may provide an opportunity for some parents to spend more time with their children; for others, it could prove to be an expensive exercise in finding suitable activities to entertain their children while they work.  Many divorced or separated couples look to their former spouse to increase their […]

What To Do If Your Child Wishes To Modify A Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is determined during a divorce and always aims to represent the best interests of the children in the dissolving relationship. When developing a parenting plan, several factors are considered, such as the wishes of the children and the ability of the parents to care for them. As children age, their views may […]

Why Power Of Attorney Is Important

There are many reasons an individual may wish to grant somebody else the authority to act on their behalf in legal, financial and healthcare matters. This includes when they are aging or unwell, particularly if they are facing reduced mental capacity as a result; when they are planning to be overseas for a period of […]

How Do You Modify Your Current Parenting Plan

Sometimes a change of circumstances or parenting concerns makes a parent wonder if they have the power to modify an order of the court concerning primary residence, parenting time, or decision making. In Colorado, different standards apply depending upon the given the level and kind of change that is being requested. Modification of Parenting Time […]

When Should A Prenuptial Agreement Be Considered?

A prenuptial agreement should be considered in almost every case. I do prenuptial agreements, and I encourage people to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. That doesn’t mean that you think that your marriage is going to fail, but it’s important to define your rights and obligations going into a marriage, and a lot of […]