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How Do You Modify Your Current Parenting Plan

Sometimes a change of circumstances or parenting concerns makes a parent wonder if they have the power to modify an order of the court concerning primary residence, parenting time, or decision making. In Colorado, different standards apply depending upon the given the level and kind of change that is being requested. Modification of Parenting Time […]

When Should A Prenuptial Agreement Be Considered?

A prenuptial agreement should be considered in almost every case. I do prenuptial agreements, and I encourage people to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. That doesn’t mean that you think that your marriage is going to fail, but it’s important to define your rights and obligations going into a marriage, and a lot of […]

How Are Assets Divided In A Divorce?

Either you and the other party, or the Judge. You do have control over this process. I would encourage you to enter mediation with a strong mediator. Think about the way that you can divide up your assets that is mutually agreeable between the parties. It would necessarily be a compromise, but that is better […]

Dividing Marital Assets During Divorce

First off, we have to determine what is a marital asset. You have to look at any separate property that you might have. What is separate property? Separate property includes property that you own prior to the marriage. It also includes property that you obtained by gift or inheritance. Do you have any separate property? […]

How Can a Marital Agreement Benefit You?

A marital agreement is a contract between 2 parties. It’s typically what we call a pre-marital agreement which is a contract between 2 parties who are contemplating marriage. Colorado has enacted a Colorado marital agreement act so there are specific provisions. In this act that govern marital agreements. Parties who are already married may decide […]

What Factors Determine Maintenance and Alimony?

Maintenance and alimony is determined in Colorado based upon several different factors. The first factor is looking at the gross income of the parties. In other words, there is a formula that is utilized. There is a formula that is available online, and I have the family law software. If you come in and see […]

What Costs Factor into A Divorce?

How much will this divorce cost you? How much your divorce will cost you depends on a number of factors. The main factors are: How contested is your case going to be? Are there children involved? Are there issues regarding parenting time? Are there issues regarding child support? Are the parties incomes easy to determine? […]

What Marital Assets Can You Claim Without a Pre-Martial Agreement?

Under Colorado, parties can enter into a contract called a pre-marital or prenuptial agreement. In that contract they can agree regarding how their property and assets are going to be divided in the event that there is a dissolution of marriage. Also, in a pre-marital agreement, the parties can agree regarding maintenance, which is spousal […]

What Determines How Much I Will Spend on a Divorce Case?

Most family law attorneys bill on an hourly basis. I’m not sure if you can find someone out there that will do a flat fee. I’m not aware personally of anyone that does flat fees. There might be someone out there. But most of the time, you’re going to be dealing with an hourly fee […]

Two Key Issues To Keep In Mind When Protecting Your Finances During A Divorce

When talking about how to protect your finances in a divorce, there are really two issues. There’s protecting overall your assets, and then the second issue is how to temporarily protect your finances during the divorce process? I’m going to address those both briefly. Let’s talk about the temporary issue first. Let’s say that you’re […]