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When Can A Child Support Order be Modified?

I get asked this question quite a bit. The applicable statue is 14-10-122. Essentially modification can occur under several circumstances. The most common circumstance is a change in income or number of overnight visits with the other parent that results in more than a 10% change in the support obligations that’s due. A change of […]

How Do I File For Child Support In Colorado?

When filing for child support there are a couple different ways that you can go about it in Colorado. One way that you could go is to contact Child Support Enforcement in the county where you reside. They will go and establish child support for you. They will not do anything about allocation of parental […]

How Are Parenting Plans Created?

In order to create an effective parenting plan, you have to be realistic about your individual situation. Who has been primarily involved in caring for the children while you and your partner were together? How are you going to handle the logistics of the children after you and your partner separate? By that, I mean […]

Child Support Determination In Colorado

The first factor in determining child support in Colorado involves the income of the parties, the gross income of the parties. That is the first factor. The second factor involves a number of overnight visits that the children are spending with each parent. The rationale behind that is the more time the child is spending […]

Parental Responsibilities Evaluation

A Parental Responsibilities Evaluation is conducted in the context of a contested child custody situation. You and your ex don’t agree on what is in the best interest of the children, and perhaps you have concerns about the other parent’s mental stability, drug and alcohol use, emotional stability, and you don’t think that a Child […]

What Is The Process For Modifying Child Support In Colorado?

First you have to consider whether or not you have a basis for modifying child support in Colorado. Child support in Colorado is paid until the child reaches 19 years of age and then there’s some other factors which can come into play but essentially through age 19. Child support can always be modified by […]

How to Modify Child Support

What is the process for modifying child support in Colorado? First you have to evaluate whether or not there’s a situation where child support can be modified. In order to modify child support in Colorado you have to show that there is a substantial and continuing change in circumstances that results in a 10% change […]

Does Lewis and Matthews Work on a Variety of Family Law Cases?

Lewis & Matthews specializes in a wide variety of family law cases. Family law cases are generally divided by two types. The first type is basically pre-decree or pre-permanent orders. Examples of those types of cases would be dissolution of marriage, allocation of parenteral responsibilities, paternity cases. Those are the major categories. Then, you have […]

How To Enforce Parenting Plans in Colorado

How Does Colorado Enforce Parenting Plans? Parenting plans in Colorado can be enforced in several different ways. The first way Colorado enforces parenting plans is through a contempt motion. Your Court approved parenting plan is a Court Order.  Therefore, if the other party refuses to follow the parenting plan, you can file a contempt motion.  […]

What Actions Can You Take When a Parent Stops Paying Child Support?

What are typical remedies when a parent stops paying child support? This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. The most common remedy is a contempt proceeding. A contempt proceeding is initiated by filling a affidavit and a petition for a citation in contempt with the court. In this pleading you set forth […]