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Prenups: What You Need to Know & Why You Should Have One

Millions of people get married in the U.S. every year, and as marriage has evolved overtime, more people are considering prenups than before. Whether you first heard about a prenup in a song or in a celebrity divorce scandal, these agreements are no longer just for the super famous or uber wealthy. With half of […]

The Divorce Law in Colorado

Despite people’s best efforts, some marriages don’t work out and end up dissolving. In Colorado alone, the divorce rate is at 12%⁠—the 15th highest in the country. If you’ve made the decision to dissolve your marriage, knowing what to expect during the process will help relieve the stress and uncertainty. In this article, we’ll discuss […]

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys

Sad to say, not all marriages work out. Sometimes, two people simply cannot reach a compromise and have no other choice but to dissolve the relationship. Lewis & Matthews, P.C. is here to help parents deal with the legal processes as well as the aftermaths and implications of divorce so they can start anew with […]

Seasoned Child Support Lawyers

Divorce is a trying time for all parties involved. On top of the financial and emotional burden, clients in a divorce or custody battle also need to come to an agreement regarding final compensation to aid with the expenses of their child. It’s best to work with experienced Colorado child support lawyers to ensure that […]

How Do You Modify Your Current Parenting Plan

Sometimes a change of circumstances or parenting concerns makes a parent wonder if they have the power to modify an order of the court concerning primary residence, parenting time, or decision making. In Colorado, different standards apply depending upon the given the level and kind of change that is being requested. Modification of Parenting Time […]

Why Use Lewis & Matthews for Child Custody Issues

Skilled Colorado Divorce Attorneys Watching Out For You and Your Children A divorce is difficult and the effects can be felt for decades after the marriage officially ends. When spouses have children, the stakes are even higher and the possibility of long-lasting emotional damage is high. Our founding partners experienced the anguish of divorce and all of […]

Why Use Lewis & Matthews for Child Custody Arrangements

Veteran Attorneys that Can Protect You and Your Children Colorado divorces that involve child custody issues can impact your family for 20 or 30 years. The firm’s founding partners went through painful divorces of their own and have been feeling the ripple effects ever since. The personal experiences of our founders led them to create pioneering techniques […]

How Is Property Divided?

Assets must be deemed either “marital property” or “separate property”. If property is agreed to be “marital”, it will be equitably (not the same as “equally”) divided according to Colorado’s statutes. Property obtained prior to the marriage is “separate,” but any increase in value during the marriage is marital property. For example, if one spouse […]

What is Decision Making Responsibility and How Is It Assigned?

Who decides major decisions for children in divorce? How does that legally get determined? What is considered a major decision in the decision making responsibility? Get the answers to your questions on decision making responsibility for your child custody and divorce case in the video below.

What if You Are Not Married but Have a Child Together?

Colorado Non-Married Parents Allocation of Responsibilities Even if two parents have never been married, they both still retain rights similar to those enjoyed by parents who were once married. Additionally, they can still seek a legal agreement dictating the custody (parenting time, decision-making) of their child—this is what is called “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities”. After […]