Why Use Matthews and Matthews for Your Divorce?

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Not all divorce lawyers in Colorado are equal. Our founding partners went through painful divorces. Their personal experience prompted them to create divorce services that consider aspects of your case other attorneys do not even attempt to understand

Colorado Divorce 360 Produces Better Long Term Results

Divorce in Denver, especially when children are involved, can have an impact on every member of your family for 20 or 30 years. A truly successful outcome requires a 360 degree approach that considers the law, the emotional issues, and the financial impact.

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Maintenance/Alimony in Colorado: How is the decision on maintenance made?

I hear from people all the time that are wondering if they will be able to request maintenance/alimony in their divorce proceeding. Although there is a formula in Colorado for most cases of child support, maintenance is decided by a Judge on a purely subjective basis.

The “Reasonable Needs” test:
Colorado Courts are bound to decide issues of maintenance on the basis of the ability or lack of ability of the party requesting maintenance to meet their “reasonable needs” without financial assistance from the other party.

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Court’s Special Role in Child Custody Cases

In the majority of civil law suits in Colorado, the Court’s role is to make sure that the law is followed during the law suit and in the determination of the verdict. A jury is typically the finder of fact and the Court remains neutral in terms of the interests of the parties.

In Child Custody cases, however, the Court has an additional role. There are no jury trials in family law cases and therefore the Judge is the finder of fact as well as the law. Moreover, the judge is expected to determine for him or herself what result he or she believes is in the best interests of the child or children in any particular case.

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