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What Are My Rights When Going Through A Divorce?

You have a number of different rights under Colorado law. The first right that you have is the right to know the financial situation of your spouse. In some instances parties keep their finances separate, and you have no clue what your husband or wife has in terms of assets, bank accounts, liabilities and similar. First and foremost, your right is a right of full disclosure, and of good faith and fair dealing. That’s Colorado law. You are obligated to provide the other party with your financial disclosures that include bank statements, credit card statements, retirement account statements. You have the right to a full and complete financial picture regarding assets and liabilities that have been accumulated during the marriage.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Colorado?

There are a number of different factors that relate to how long the process is going to take for you. The first factor is statutory. Under Colorado law, your petition for dissolution of marriage needs to be on file for at least 91 days before the court can act on it. That 91 day period starts upon filing if it’s a petitioner and co petitioner filing, or when the other party, the respondent, waives or accepts service. That starts the 91 day waiting period.

Other factors that are involved include the degree of dispute that you have with the other party. Are you able to work together to amicably resolve your situation, or are you gonna need to go back to court to have the judge decide one or more issues that you have outstanding. Those factors relate to how long the divorce process is going to take.

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Protecting Interests Prior To A Divorce

Here at Lewis and Matthews, we offer what is known as divorce coaching. You can come in and pay for a block of time with me, and we can sit down and go through your unique situation. You can bring in tax returns, pay stubs, other financial documents. I will run child support worksheets for you. I will run maintenance worksheets for you. We will talk about a possible division of assets and liabilities, so that you are empowered by knowledge going through this process. Regardless of whether or not you’re ready to file for divorce yet, I would urge you to come in and talk to me. There’s no obligation. You just pay for that block of time. My hourly rate is $285. I charge that for my consultations which typically do last more than an hour. You will leave my office having knowledge about your particular situation and feeling empowered because you know what to expect through the process.

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