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Welcome to Lewis & Matthews,(formerly Matthews & Matthews) a law office able to help you move forward with your life. Our practice, headed by our partner Jennifer Lewis, has extensive family law experience in the state of Colorado.

We are the law firm of choice when it comes to family-related legal matters. Our Denver family law lawyers assist our clients through a variety of legal processes, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements, petitions for divorce, child custody arrangements and appeals, and property division settlements.
Lean on us to assist you every step of the way with the assurance that we will make all of the necessary efforts to deliver favorable results in your family law matter expeditiously.

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Divorce has a profound affect on many aspects of life, and the entire process is an emotionally exhausting one. There are many stages throughout a divorce procedure and times during those stages when you will face the spouse who has caused you pain. Divorces can also be expensive, adding financial burden on top of the already existing emotional one.

The situation becomes more convoluted if you and your respective spouse have children. There are additional considerations when a divorce includes child custody arrangements, and you must set aside your personal feelings to minimize the negative effects of your divorce on your minors. This is why it matters to hire family law attorneys in Denver, CO who understand what you,and your children, are going through.

Our legal team handles family law cases differently from other firms. Jennifer has had personal and professional experience in divorce, lending a deep understanding of the emotional implications of the process. This, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the Colorado court system, places you and your children’s best interests on top of everything else.

A 360-degree View of Your Case

Our deep-seeded commitment to working directly with our clients makes our approach unique and helpful, so you can confidently face life before, during, and after divorce. We help you assess your current needs and look at the possible issues you might face in the future. Our concern is not only to assist you in ending your unhappy marriage, but also to prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges.

Your family law attorney in Denver, Colorado from our firm will formulate a legal strategy tailored to your personal situation. Through this, we can dramatically increase your chances of success and minimize the emotional stress of the divorce on you and your children.

Collaborative Case Management Means Prompt Client Service

At Lewis & Matthews, we believe in making our legal services available to you whenever you require them. We conduct case management meetings once a week, where we review all current cases. This ensures that every member of our practice, not just your attorney, knows about your case and is able to assist you better.

Avoids Conflicts, But Will Fight When Necessary

We are dedicated to resolving family law cases with dignity, avoiding conflict with the other party. Even if some cases are a battle between disagreeing interests, our Denver family lawyers leave no stone unturned to resolve issues amicably for the benefit of everyone involved, especially the children. We strive to establish a common resolution with the other party to avoid unnecessary and ugly battles.

In the event your best interests are compromised, however, you can rely on our experienced team to negotiate resolutely on your behalf. We will work closely with you to come up with a well-planned legal strategy, and then defend you throughout its implementation.

Leave your family law matters to the firm that genuinely cares. Take a tour of our site for more of our services. Set up your consultation today.